Dover Public Schools Listing

Dover Public Schools

100 Grace Street
Dover NJ 07801
Phone: 973-989-2000
Fax: 973-989-1662


Mr. Robert B. Becker, Superintendent of Schools
Ms. Beth Schoonmaker, Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Kevin Bullock, State & Federal Programs Administrator

Business Office

Ms. Catherine Jenisch, Business Administrator
Phone: 973-989-2005
Fax: 973-328-7810

Buildings & Grounds

Mr. Robert Gomes | Educational Facilities Manager
Phone: 973-989-2012
Fax: 973-328-6239

Special Education

Mr. John Gannaio, Director of Special Education
Phone: 973-989-2070
Fax: 973-989-2077


Mr. Jason Sabino, Director of Guidance
Phone: 973-989-2062
Fax: 973-989-5649

District Supervisors

Ms. Theresa Barabas, English Supervisor 973-989-2076
Mr. Sean Bullock, Director of Athletics 973-989-2074
Ms. Janet Gaynor-Matonti, Fine & Performing Arts 973-989-2037
Ms. Cynthia Gensinger, Social Studies 973-989-5546
Mr. Hector Quiñones , World Languages / ELL Bilingual 973-989-2023
Mr. Christopher Spilman, Attendance 973-442-5580

Academy Street Elementary School

14 Academy Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Ph: 973-989-2030
Fax: 973-989-6270


Mr. David Marion, Principal
Mr. Jonathan Swack,  Vice-Principal

Dover High School

100 Grace Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Ph: 973-989-2010
Fax: 973-989-5649


Mr. Robert Franks, Principal
Mr. Michael McAuley, Vice-Principal

Dover Middle School

302 East McFarlan Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 973-989-2040
Fax: 973-361-2117


Ms. Tawana Clarrett,  Principal
Ms. Heather Doreen Carlton, Vice-Principal

East Dover Elementary School

300 East McFarlan Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 973-989-2055
Fax: 973-537-9292

North Dover Elementary School

51 Highland Avenue
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 973-989-2020
Fax: 973-361-1841


Mrs. Kathy Rutan,  Principal
Mr. Patrick Pandolfo, Vice-Principal